The "ambiguously genuine" voice heard by over 32 million people.


Voice Work


Work Experience


Theatre Work

Space Captain: Captain of Space - Lady Actalus - No Tea Productions
The Kentucky Goblin Siege - June Taylor - No Tea Productions
LA 8AM - Paige - Renegade Redhead
Poppycock - Hailey Gaiser - No Tea Productions
LIARS - Various - No Tea Productions
Maneater - Felicia - Manhattan Theatre Source
Viva Las Vegas - Elvis - Chester Horn Theatre Festival
The Artistical Process of Mark & Andy - Janine - No Tea Productions
The Rimers of Eldritch - Wilma Atkins - Theatre Unplugged
The Trojan Women: A Love Story - Elsa - Laurie Theatre
The Wake of Jamey Foster - Collard Darnell - Laurie Theatre
Murder on the Nile - Beadseller - Dorset Theatre Festival
The Night of the Iguana - Ms. Fellowes (u/s) - Dorset Theatre Festival
Midsummer Nights Dream - Snout/Cobweb - Festival of the Arts
The Lover - Sarah - Merrick Theatre
Picnic - Christine - William Inge Theatre Festival


Voice Work

NPR Broadcast & Digital Announcer - Oct 2013 - Feb 2015
Biore National Radio Campaign - 2012
Smallknot Radio Campaign - 2012
TIAA CREF National TV & Radio Campaign - 2010
Work: A Play, Female VO - 2011
Portnoy’s Complaint, Female VO - 2002
Paulette’s Periodicals Announcer - 2002

Film & Video Work

Preggers (Webseries), Not a Nanny - 2013
Bumbloods (Webseries), Zombie #3 - 2012
In Transit (Short Film), Ann Marie - 2010
Au Revoir, Malady (Short Film) - 2009
Nightmare (Feature Film), Auditioner - 2005


©  Tom Bachtell/The New Yorker

© Tom Bachtell/The New Yorker

"Congratulations, then, to Sabrina Farhi, the owner of America's most ambiguously genuine voice." The New Yorker, Reeves Wiedeman, November 18, 2013

"The best of the bunch is “Evacuation Plan” by Jeff Sproul. The source of its joy, though, is that two characters (played by Mr. Sproul and Sabrina Farhi) start telling the truth. One even survives the confession that she is such a Tolkien geek that she speaks and reads flawless Elvish." The New York Times, Anita Gates, May 14, 2009

"Sabrina Farhi brings naiveté and sincerity to the role of Felicia—enough to make the twist satisfying, and to suggest that there is hope, of sorts, where the heart matters.", Jo Ann Rosen, October 15, 2008

"Every real human emotion in Mark and Andy, and all its desired sympathies, are funneled through Janine, and Sabrina Farhi does an admirable job handling the most challenging role of the play.", Ethan Stanislawski, July 25, 2008

"Sabrina Farhi and Jeff Sproul get it right in Sure Thing. They skillfully play off of each other in this unique and thought-provoking play." Show Business Weekly, Amber Silverman, November 27, 2008

"Other standout performances come from Jeremy Banks, Sabrina Farhi, and Alicia Barnatchez, but overall the ensemble comes together very well to create a fun show with lots of strange characters and lots of action.", Richard Hinojosa, April 28, 2011

"Great performances by...and the two ladies who stole the show; Michelle McNally as Princess Astra, and Sabrina Farhi as Lady Actulus, the Space Oracle.", Kenneth Joachim, September 7, 2012


Sabrina Farhi is a New York City-based voice-over, theatre, and film actress with over fifteen years of performing experience. 

Most recently she worked as NPR’s first female broadcast and digital announcer. Out of four hundred and twenty nine applicants, Sabrina was chosen as having the most ambiguously genuine voice. During her tenure she recorded and edited over 200 sponsorship credit spots per week and was heard across the nation by over 32 million people. 

Her commercial voice-over work includes national television and radio voice-over campaigns for TIAA-Cref and BIORE. 

Sabrina’s voice can be described as warm, sincere, and confident. She brings her background and training as a theatre actress to her voice work and is a member of SAG–AFTRA


For professional inquiries please contact sabrina [AT]